Catalyst Remote Training puts the experience and guidance of a personal trainer in your pocket.  We’ve partnered with Trainerize to provide our clients with the most complete mobile training experience possible.  Through the Trainerize app, we are able to put workout routines, meal plans, and technique videos right on your phone while you are able to post progress pics, body stats, and personal records for us to see instantly.

We believe in the services we are able to offer remotely, especially in these key areas.


Right now, the fitness world is crowded with information overload.  New fads rise and fall overnight and separating good from bad takes time and research.  We have spent years in the field and are constantly honing our knowledge.  This means we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t and we’re always up to date on the best ways to get you fit.


Your time is valuable,  but so is your health.  Our training programs are built around giving you the most bang for your buck.  We provide a balance of intensity and quality that keeps the workouts short while getting you on track to a lifetime of healthiness.  Most importantly, you can fit them in whenever works best for you so scheduling is never an issue.


It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you aren’t working in the right direction.  It’s the reason people see 10-15% faster returns when they work with a trainer.  Having the accountability and guidance of a professional who can see the big picture will get you there faster.


Training remotely gives you access to all of the benefits a personal trainer can provide without the commitments that make in-person training expensive.  By training remotely, we’ve removed the middlemen and expenses that drive prices up.