I’ve been an active person all my life but no structured focus on fitness had me lost in the gym. Scott has built a personalized program to improve my fitness habits and strengthen my knee after two surgeries. In the past year we have drastically improved my strength, endurance, and overall confidence in my knee and I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Scott is intent on building a program that pushes you to your goals and strikes a great balance between support and accountability. I’d recommend his services to anyone looking to take a more personalized approach to their fitness

Nathan S.

The best thing about online training is the flexibility. Since my schedule is always changing at the last minute, it would be hard for me to meet with a trainer regularly in person, or even attend group fitness classes like I did in the past. Online training allows me to do workouts that are specially tailored for me, but I can do them whenever it’s convenient for me!

Kristi B.

I started working with Scott as my online trainer 2 months into rehabbing my knee from a full knee replacement. Now, six months later, not only did my rehab go really well in rebuilding knee/leg strength and muscle tone, it has worked my whole body into the best shape I’ve been in since my 20’s (I’ve got abs again!). I love the variety and whole body workout focus. For anyone, like me, who wants to stay in shape and has been trying to do that on their own, I would strongly recommend giving Scott a chance to help you not only accomplish your fitness goals, but, through varied and challenging routines, to take you beyond what you thought you could do.

Mike S.